Great Reviews from the Press

“Wanna talk undiscovered greatness? Let’s discuss Teresa Tudury...Picture a cross between Bette Midler and Bonnie Raitt musically, and toss in the most side-splitting stage patter imaginable, and you have Ms. Tudury. This musical comedian is totally engrossing...Make a star outta this woman, willya?”

—Johnny Angel, LA Weekly

“It’s not clear yet whether singer/comedienne Teresa Tudury is another Tracey Ullman, a new Sophie Tucker or a revitalized Bea Lillie. Her utterly madcap performance...managed to include reference to all of the above—and then some... Tudury is taking risks all over the place, with none of the stiff and predictable inhibitions of a too-established performer...What we’re talking about here, folks, is a star in the making.”

—Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

“Part chanteuse, part comedian, part bona fide pop artist, Tudury combines the best of all those roles with tender, autobiographical narratives, funny between-song banter, and a voice that could stop a war. Invite all your record executive and casting friends.”

Buzz Weekly

“Somewhat like Willie Nelson, she starts with a talky delivery and then builds with deceptively simple, bluesy-phrased melodies that burn as pure as a neat whiskey on the throat...Laughs, music, fun—an evening with Teresa Tudury digs deep at the soul and makes one wonder why we take life so seriously, after all.”

—Sandi Salina Messana, LA Village View

“Undiscovered gems are a rarity in a city where folks are always on the lookout for the next big thing, but...there’s a performer who is perched on the cusp of better things. Her name is Teresa Tudury, and making her reputation the old-fashioned way: She’s earning it.” —John Carmen, Daily Variety

“Teresa Tudury is an undiscovered gem, boasting scads of talent and a command of both language and music, which she demonstrates in ample portions. Like a cross between Tracey Ullman and the early Bette Midler, an evening with Tudury is part comedy show, part sensitive singer-songwriter concert and part cabaret act—and all immensely enjoyable...In her zany between-song patter Tudury is so uninhibited she makes Robin Williams seem restrained.... Plus, Tudury can certainly sing. Possessed of a deep, sultry voice which she dresses in heavy blues phrasing and adorns with generous swatches of vibrato, Tudury evoked every nuance out of her quirky novelty tunes and belted out her off-beat torch songs.”

—Steven Libowitz, Santa Barbara News Press

“Teresa’s is a presence worth discovering, a simmering Mother Lode of singing, songwriting, acting and madcap comedy talent.”

—George Christy, The Hollywood Reporter

“Teresa is an excellent songwriter and an example of the rare case of singer-songwriter that truly delivers a consistent set of meaningful and musical tunes...Ms. Tudury should be 15 times better known than she is...because so many more people would have the opportunity to be entertained by her, to enjoy and learn from her insight and perception...Something tells me that Ms. Tudury will be someone we tell our grandchildren about, that we saw her when she was doing her thing in the clubs of Hollywod.”

—Pirate A&R, LA Rock Scene Report